Black Knight Quick Silver nXS

Fabricantes: Black KnightBlack Knight


130 g
Head Light
14 mains x 19 crosses
27 Inch

Simply put, the Quicksilver nXS is an amazing racquet. Hugely popular in Black Knight’s range for many years, the Quicksilver plays with a combination of speed, power and control that few racquets can match. Aerodynamically slender, with a bridged design, this tough, light 130g frame is evenly balanced, and vibration-free. The Power Channel increases string surface without increasing head size. The Quicksilver nXS is an outstanding choice for both hard hitters and control players.

Incorporated into the High Modulus Graphite are Quartz Carbon fibres for even greater strength and durability. This model has Ashaway PowerNick 18 string which is a thin 18 gauge, yet the Zyex fibres that make up the string provide for the best tension holding capabilities available. The Quicksilver nXS also comes with our #1 selling cushion grip, Rad Cushion, for the ultimate in grip control.

String : PowerNick18
Recommended Tension : 26 lbs
Rigidity Index : 88
Avg. Frame Weight : 130 g
String Area : 487 cm2
Dynamic Weight : 130

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