Black Knight was founded in Vancouver in 1976, by racquet sport enthusiasts with a true commitment to the development and support of the sports they loved.

Although Black Knight has grown and diversified considerably since then, both as a major brand within North America, and through distribution in a number of countries around the world, that commitment to sport remains at the heart of what we do.

In Canada we now represent Ashaway for racquet strings and court shoes and Baden for sports balls (volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, etc.) . The collaboration with Ashaway now extends to the Black Knight line world-wide as we offer more and more models pre-strung with Ashaway strings.


Whether through product development or in the events and activities we have created and fostered, we prefer to lead through innovation.

Over the years we have been first to market with many key developments in squash and badminton such as full graphite shafts, true one-piece graphite racquets, wide body frames, inverted racquet heads, 67 and 68 cm racquet lengths in badminton, graphite/aluminum hybrids, TurboFlex shafts, high tension frames, the Control 2000 speed adjustment system, TUF Grip, Power Channel, VibraPlate, the Knight Trainer, Magnum oversize frames in squash and badminton, and more.

Many programs have grown out of or have been supported by Black Knight initiatives: "Summer of Squash", "Challenge the Pro", "Tour de Force", "Junior Grand Prix", "School Squash", "Knight to Remember", to mention a few.


Service is a top priority and our commitment is to your satisfaction. We exist because players keep coming back to Black Knight, and that’s the way we like it!


At Black Knight, every event, every program, every sponsorship is a long-term commitment. Our support of clubs, players, coaches and associations is something we have proudly sustained year after year for more than 30 years.