Black Knight Conqueror

Fabricantes: Black KnightBlack Knight


22 mm
Head Light
72 RA
27 Inch

Conqueror squash racquet - Join The Fight to Conquer Breast Cancer Characteristics: A high value all graphite frame with Ashaway's SuperNick XL high performance string. This racquet was developed not only to help players play better, but to also help in the fight against breast cancer. $10 per racquet is donated to research to help conquer breast cancer.

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Characteristics: The lightweight Conqueror is a headlight balanced graphite composite racquet with a wide teardrop design for that gives a lot of control with extra power. The racquet is highly maneuverable and quick to swing. The handle is wrapped with a top quality PU grip for extra tackiness.

Designed for: Serious novice to intermediate club players

Frame: High Modulus Graphite with nXS and XMG reinforcement String: SuperNick XL

Tension: 25-29lbs Rigidity (RF): 89 AFW: 135 DW: 130 Balance: Head Light Area: 500

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