Black Knight ION Radium PSX

Fabricantes: Black KnightBlack Knight


140 g
25 Lb, 29 Lb
Head Light
92 RA
27 Inch

Characteristics: The Ion Radium PSX has  the Power Surge (PS) to the shaft, to make this racquet a great doubles player’s choice. It is also equipped with:

Nano Crystalline Technology (NCT) which is an additive incorporated into the carbon fibre that not only helps reduce vibration but binds the fibres for added durability.

BK’s Thermal Core technology (TC) in which the racquet is pressurized with superheated air while it is being cured in the ovens. This allows for a uniform curing process inside the frame and out for greater durability and a more responsive hit.

16K fibres is the highest standard of graphite available. 16,000 individual strands woven together for more structural strength.

Power of 6 - this frame is fine-tuned for optimum performance by first analyzing it under stress at 6 points, from the handle to the top of the head. The resulting data are then used to make further adjustments to the frame until the ideal specifications are achieved


If you are serious about your doubles game this is the racquet to use! With its increased stiffness, added power and enhanced vibration dampening attributes.

In addition to the Power Surge shaft it also features Black Knight’s latest technologies, NCT, Power of 6, 16K and BK’s Thermal Core technology.



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