Black Knight C2C nXS White

Fabricantes: Black KnightBlack Knight


135 g
25 Lb, 29 Lb
12 mains x 19 crosses
89 RA
27 Inch



Designed for:  Advanced to Professional
Frame: Carbon nXS,Carbon4, XMG, BrainWeave, with Vibra Plate Technology, Rad Cushion grip
String: Ashaway SuperNick XL Ti
String Tension: 25-29 lbs
Rigidity (RF): 89
AFW: 135g
DW: 135
Balance: Medium
Speed: 8.4
Power: 9
Control: 8.5
Area: 500
Warranty: 6-months (includes 45-day “No Fault” Guarantee*)

Characteristics: True classics in the Black Knight range, the C2C models have been extremely popular teardrop racquets among many thousands of squash enthusiasts.

These nC2C frames deliver solid power with great control thanks to the combination of advanced materials and their Vibra Plate Technology. Long main strings are augmented by a Power Channel head for extra punch.

The Vibra Plate technology ensures a shock-free hit, and the Nano Carbon fibre (nXS) provides excellent durability. The nC2C Black racquet’s frame weight is 137g with a head light balance, and it is a stiff frame. Strung with Ashaway Supernick XL Ti for better performance and has the Rad Cushion Grip for superior grip control.